The Farm

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At The Farm community in Colorado Springs we don’t have much in common with farms of the agricultural sort – we have kayaks and not cows; early morning yoga classes not roosters; we have acres of open space and ponds not fields of grain. But there is something we do share in common – connection. Just as there’s a tie between the life you lead on a farm and the land you live on, there’s a connection between the lifestyle you have here and the nature surrounding it. The Farm introduced Colorado Springs first Linear Park system connected by trails, parks and pocket-parks that run through the whole community – inviting you outdoors every day to breathe deep, explore, escape and rejuvenate. Farm residents can enjoy The Gathering Place – a focal point of human connection to meet neighbors at the clubhouse, hang out by the pool or begin a paddle or hike. So while you won’t come to this farm to bale anything we can offer you lots of ways to make hay while the sun shines.

Find homes with charming architecture situated on a variety of lot sizes. These lot collections are thoughtfully integrated into spectacular front-range surroundings so you can enjoy life – abundantly. The last phase of homesites in The Farm are now available. There is still an opportunity to live in this outstanding community, but lots are selling quickly. Visit our website to connect with builders and learn more.

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